armsein.jpgThe OC32 is an electronic module to control all types of accessories on your miniature world. The module offers 32 outputs wich are universally usable. De OC32 has even more possibilities than its ancestors and is able to control servo-drives. The OC32 has a powerful processor that allows us to expand possibilities event further in the future. The “bootloader” in the module allows you to upgrade and update the firmware yourselve, so you can add functionality as soon as it is made available.


The functions offered by the OC32 make this module very well suited for almost any accessory you may encounter in your miniature world, such as:

  • Daylight-signals, both LED and lamp versions, completely signaling system independent. Changing aspects is done with or without fading and with or without dark-phase between aspects, depending on your choice;
  • Several blinkers, flashlights and combinations thereof, e.g. for railroad crossings, special signals, etc;
  • Traffic lights;
  • Electrical decouplers and turnouts, with automatic shut-off to avoid thermal damage;
  • Several "random" functions, e.g. for welding-imitation in your locomotive shed. You need just a single LED!
  • Memory wire: special functions take care of optimal control;
  • Lamps and LEDs. Not only can they be switched on and off, but also you can control the intensity by software;
  • Electrical motors. Both speed and direction can be controlled. Ideal for driving turnouts equipped with these devices and many other purposes;
  • Servo-drives, both "simple" as "dynamic" mode;
  • Complex devices, such as railway crossings with multiple servo's , blinkers on poles ans booms, sound signals, etc.



The OC32 offers 32 outputs. Every output can deliver all supported functions, which makes the unit easy to deploy. So you can connect 32 incandescent lamps, or 32 LEDs, but also 32 servo's with dynamic behavior or virtually any desired combination. Some examples:

  • 2 German outbound signals with distant signal (9 lamps each) + 2 German inbound signals with distant signal (7 lamps each);
  • 8 Dutch 3-color signals + 2 with number sign;
  • 16 block signals;
  • 16 bidirectional DC motors;
  • 32 decouplers;
  • 32 servo's;
  • ...


The OC32 offers not less than three 'interfaces' that can be used simultaneously. The module thereby invites the user to use it differently from what most "model railroad hobbyists" are used to. In stead of buying a different control module for every accessory, a single OC32 module can be mounted on a location where many functions need to be available. Irrespective of the nature of the accessory, it can be connected to the nearest OC32. The control properties are simply configured by software.

The OC32 offers three possible interfaces:

  • An RS232 interface to connect to a com-port of a PC or an UCCI controller of a Dinamo/MCC system;
  • An RS485 interface to connect to a USB-port (via a specially developed U485-converter) of a PC or connection to a Dinamo system;
  • A DCC interface to control it from any digital system that supports DCC accessories.

More information

The OC32 manual can be found in the support section;
Descriptions of predefined device definitions can be found in the supplementary manuals;
Additional accessories are available, like the U485, the SP04 and the DS32;
Useful tips, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and the possibility to discuss subjects with other OC32 users can be found at the Dinamo Users portal.