To control the cars in a Dinamo/MCC system, you need a decoder in each car. For this purpose the MCCdec has been developed There a two versions available: MCCdec02 and MCCdec03. Both are of the "third generation", which means that the functionality is very complete. Since the decoder can be configured "on the road" by software, decoders are suited for all possible vehicles. MCCdec03 measues just 11.8 x 12.1 x 3.5mm and fits with those dimensions even in an H0/00 passenger car and can be used easily in scale N vehicles.

Functions (all types)

  • Addressability 1 out of 4095 addresses
  • PID motor control ("cruise control"), so very low speeds are possible
  • Smooth acceleration and slow-down with multiple characteristics
  • Driving head-light, tail-lights, brake-lights and indicators
  • Emergency-stop if the car looses track
  • Snooze-mode to save energy when the transmitter is switched off and a wake-up when the transmitter is re-activated
  • Battery management
  • “On-the-road” configurable by software..
  • In total 9 outputs for functions of which 7 freely configurable
  • Configurable 4-channel sequencer for self-designed light effects

Differences MCCdec02 and MCCdec03

Functie MCCdec02 MCCdec03
Energy management Snooze Snooze, Sleep, Hibernate
Dimensions in mm 12.8 x 16.6 (14.6) x 4.6 11.8 x 12.1 (10.1) x 3.5
Power Supply Min 0.9V 2.9V
Power Supply Max 4.1V 4.2V
Power Supply Absolute Max 5.5V 5.5V
Function-outputs stabilised Yes No
Battery Configuration

1xAlkaline, 2xAlkaline,
1xNiMH, 2xNiMH, 3xNiMH,